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The Bond Street Mission

The Bond Street Mission

Bond Street Mortgage’s mission is to become a major contender in the U.S. mortgage banking sector by supplying an unparalleled level of service to an industry starving for a resurgence of responsible and transparent lending. It is a collaborative effort by its owners and employees to build a great company based on learning and teamwork. Bond Street Mortgage consists of an environment where people come to work together, take pride in what they do, and are driven by accomplishment. It is a company that encourages openness, the sharing of ideas, respect for your co-worker, and taking charge. A Bond Streeter is one that is at the top of their game and is willing to teach their successful ways to those that work side by side with them. Bond Street Mortgage welcomes competitiveness amongst its employees but also encourages fair play, and the ability of its leadership to bring out the best in everyone.

The foundation of Bond Street’s success will be based upon the following values:

  1. 1) A constant push to always be learning to better serve our clients.

  2. 2) Communicating daily with borrowers and referral sources.

  3. 3) Creating a simple process broken down from the beginning to create a team with all parties involved and leaving no question unanswered.

  4. 4) Constant improvement of the high standard of procedure and disclosure that every client will experience and grow to expect.

Our Mission will continue to grow but always remain true to its core of openness, learning, achievement, innovation and development of well-rounded business people.


Constant growth through a cohesive team of our industry’s best educated employees dedicated to delivering the highest standard of customer service.


Balancing long-term and short-term objectives is the key to profitability.

Financial Objective

To achieve sufficient profit to finance our company growth, create value for our shareholders and provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives.

Profit allows us to reinvest in new and emerging business opportunities.

Profit is highly correlated to generating cash, which brings more flexibility to the business at a lower cost.

Profit enables the achievement of our corporate objectives.

Customer Objective

To provide all of our potential borrowers and their families with the highest level of our knowledge, products and service, regardless of their level of income or borrowing needs.

Internal Objective

We will continually review and improve the time line and customer experience in attaining a mortgage.

Bond Street’s internal performance starts with motivated employees; their loyalty is key.

We trust our employees to do the right thing and to make a difference.

Everyone has something to contribute: It’s not about title, level or tenure.

An exciting, stimulating work environment is critical to invention.

A diverse workforce gives us a competitive advantage.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Learning and Growth Objective

Bond Street will provide the tools, in-house training and working environment to assist them in their drive for success.

Employees are responsible for lifelong learning.