How To Make $130,000+ In Your First Year As An Apprentice Mortgage Advisor?

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If you are passionate about helping people and have the desire to build a great business, then this opportunity is for you. The typical Bond Street Mortgage Advisor treats themselves a business inside of a business, with the training and capabilities of the Bond Street Mortgage platform to give them all the tools to build it to last.

This is a “what you put in you get out” opportunity. Like any business you are always open for business, there isn’t a schedule, you want to work! You want to create great wealth for yourself! You want to become the go to resource for mortgages to all! If this sounds like you then you may well be ready for this opportunity.

What You Get as Part of Our Team:

  • 12 month Training/Mentorship in our Professional Development Program.
  • Excellent Compensation, including Bonuses and Benefits.
  • Achievement Awards in the form of cash prizes and trips.
  • An unprecedented hybrid of support, innovative marketing and product mix.
  • In-house everything! – From opening to funding, everything is taken care of. There are dedicated administrative help and processing teams supporting you. Our goal is for you to focus on what you do best, originate loans.

You also get a marketing and technology platform that’s second to none.


  • Encompass LOS and pricing engine.
  • A sophisticated CRM with amazing Marketing Automation features.
  • “Done For You” Lead Generation specifically tailored to the kind of business that suits your personality.
  • Training and Resources that help you forge stronger referral relationships with your Realtor Partners

We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, with our platform and support we
can almost guarantee your success. [If you’re willing to follow the plan and do the work! :)]

What’s Expected Of You…

  • Complete and pass all assigned Mortgage Advisor training and licensing activities. (Your Professional Development Program and licensing are completely paid for by Bond Street Mortgage.)
  • As the first contact with the customer and the being the public face of Bond Street, we expect certain qualities from our Advisors…

You’re expected to:

  • Help advise our clients about current and future needs in achieving their mortgage goals.
  • Be well versed in our technology, programs, and tools so that you can qualify clients properly.
  • Be able to analyze credit, income, and assets to ensure accurate pre-approvals for clients.

Our culture and mission are based on knowledge, service and integrity. We strive to achieve great things, and develop a culture of success, compassion, and innovation.

You’ll “always be learning” so you can better serve our client’s needs.

You’ll communicate daily with your ops team, borrowers and referral sources to ensure that all parties experience the smoothest transaction possible.

What You’ll Need…

To become a successful Bond Street Mortgage Mortgage Advisor you need:

  • A passion to want to help people realize the American Dream.
  • The ability to think big, work small, work smart and be dynamic.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • High Integrity

What You Don’t Need

Our best Mortgage Advisors come from all different walks of life. Bond Street Mortgage Advisors come to us from different places in their career journeys. We don’t expect candidates to have:

  • Experience. We will train you from A to Z.
  • An existing client base
  • To Make Cold Calls (all your leads are warm and want to talk to you)

Who We Are

Bond Street Mortgage was created by a group of mortgage professionals who believed the business lacked exactly that, professionals.

After the financial crisis of the late 2000’s we saw a lot of our “fly by night” colleagues leave the business.

But we fought on, and have created a comprehensive platform that truly serves our clients and sets us apart from our competitors.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunity described above, text or call Bond Street Founder and CEO James DiPiazza directly at 201.523.0026.

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