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  • The Housing Crunch: How the Demand-Supply Gap Could Impact the Real Estate Market in 2024

    According to industry expert Jay McCanless from Wedbush, there are concerns that the housing supply may struggle to meet the growing demand in the upcoming year. McCanless emphasizes that this is a significant issue that needs attention. McCanless suggests that the potential inability to keep pace with the increasing demand for housing could present challenges […]

  • Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips That Work

    No doubt you’ve been told that curb appeal will help sell your home. But if money is short you’ll need to do some curb appeal on a budget tricks.

  • Can I Sell A House That Still Needs Repairs?

    When you started thinking about putting your house up for sale, you probably made a list of repairs that need to be done ahead of time. If that list was long, you might be at a point where you’re asking if it’s all worth it. Will prospective buyers really notice the little things? And even if they do, will that affect how much you’re able to get for your home?

  • Case-Shiller: February Home Price Growth Rate Slowest in 6.50 Years

    Home price growth slowed in February according to the Case-Shiller 20-City Home Price Index. Home price growth hit its lowest rate in more than six years; this indicates that the roaring growth of home prices is settling and could provide opportunities for more would-be buyers to enter the housing market.

  • What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

    You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. Aside from deciding if you’d prefer to work with a man or woman, and what age range you’d like them to be, here are some tips to help ensure that you pick one that is best suited for your needs.

  • The Economics Of Going Green For Home Sales

    Earth Day is celebrated each year in April to remind us all of the benefits of ecologically-sound living that is more in harmony with Mother Earth. There is quite a bit of positive news when it comes to going “green.” There are significant benefits for home sales.

  • 8 Curb Appeal Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

    From small touches such as new lighting to larger efforts such as tiling the porch or stoop, creating curb appeal is one of the best investments you can make to resell your home fast.

  • 4 Ways A Little Paint Can Revitalize Your Home

    Fixing up your home to sell doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker. You can revitalize the look of your property with a little bit of paint in the right places.

  • When Is The Best Time To Do Your Roof Maintenance?

    Perform roof maintenance on sunny days when there’s less chance of slipping. Blocking off a weekend twice a year gives you plenty of time to complete the items below without rushing or taking unnecessary risks. The beginning of spring and fall present the best opportunities to complete your maintenance before the weather turns too hot or too cold.

  • Staging Your Home: Here Are Your Self-Storage Options

    If you’re staging your home to sell, you may find yourself with more stuff than space. Rather than selling possessions that you’d rather not part with, you can put your things into short-term storage until your home sells and you’re able to move.