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  • The Housing Crunch: How the Demand-Supply Gap Could Impact the Real Estate Market in 2024

    According to industry expert Jay McCanless from Wedbush, there are concerns that the housing supply may struggle to meet the growing demand in the upcoming year. McCanless emphasizes that this is a significant issue that needs attention. McCanless suggests that the potential inability to keep pace with the increasing demand for housing could present challenges […]

  • Buying 2-4 Unit Properties with Fannie Mae Programs

    Real estate has become a lucrative avenue for wealth creation and investment in the U.S. if you seek options other than stocks and bonds. The value of properties steadily rises over time and helps you earn passive income, enjoy tax benefits, and diversify your portfolio. When it comes to real estate, homebuyers and investors can […]

  • The Advantages Of A Dual-Location Lifestyle

    Commuting for hours in traffic on a daily basis is a waste of resources, time, and money. It is stressful and bad for the environment. The infrastructure in many parts of the United States is falling apart. The roads and highways do not have sufficient capacity to handle the demands of the traffic load that continues to increase each year. Many busy professionals and families are turning to a solution of owning two homes for the convenience of enjoying dual-location living.

  • Questions To Ask When Transitioning To A Retirement Community

    One of the dreams that many people have is to eventually retire. People work their entire lives and save diligently to be able to enjoy those golden years. When the time finally comes, people need to think about the community that is right for them. With this goal in mind, there are a few common questions that everyone should ask to find their ideal retirement community.

  • Tips On How To Get The Home You Want In A ‘Seller’s Market’

    A “seller’s market” happens when there are more potential buyers than homes for sale. In a seller’s market, people looking for a home may feel frustration and not easily find the home that they want. When they find a home for sale that they like, the seller of the home may receive multiple competitive offers at the same moment.

  • The Most Commonly Searched Household How-To Remedies

    Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Many of the responsibilities that people think about involve home maintenance. There are few things that frustrate a homeowner more than having repair and maintenance bills come up. At the same time, it is important to address these properly.

  • Culture Clash: Why Boomers Are Moving Back to Big Cities

    “Baby Boomers,” defined as people who were born between 1946-1964, are the wealthiest generation to ever retire, as well as the largest. According to U.S. Census Bureau projections, the population of people 65 and older will increase by 36% between 2013-2023 and is expected to outnumber children by 2034 — for the first time in U.S. history.

  • The Risks And The Rewards Of Buying Homes In An ‘As-Is’ Condition

    When considering buying a home in an “as-is” condition, the buyer takes all the risk of anything needed to bring the property back up to current building codes and make it ready for occupation or re-sale. There can be bargains in as-is properties if you know how to hunt for one.

  • How Growing, Multi-Generational Families Impact Home Design And Financing

    There has been a surge in families who have multiple generations living together. In many cultures, children take care of their parents as they age. This is done in an effort to repay the parents for raising them during their childhood.

  • 3 Traps First-Time Homebuyers Fall Into — And How To Avoid Them

    When someone purchases their first home, this is a significant step. There are a number of issues that people need to think about because purchasing a home is typically someone’s most significant investment.