Comarketing Platform (Brainstorm)

Here’s how it works.

Independent Marketing company “We Create The Buzz”, (managed by Ryan Hartman & Shane Carrol) will create and manage niche focused “buyer side” lead generation campaigns on your behalf.

You’ll be able to choose a campaign type that fits your unique situation and business.

Examples Include:

Foreclosures / Deals
Move Up
Income Properties (Investors)
Live In One, Rent The Other
New Construction
Homes With Acreage

with many other lead types and targeting available.

Each campaign will also include 1 or more “Retargeting” video campaigns on Facebook and Youtube that are designed to help people get to “know like and trust you.”

Bond Street Mortgage will also be retargeting your leads from the mortgage side.

All of your leads will be injected into the CRM of your choosing, AND they will also be forwarded to Bond Street Mortgage’s team of Inside Sales Associates, who will attempt to contact your leads and if possible, get them pre-approved for a mortgage.

(Even if not pre-approved, Bond Street’s team will share information about the lead with you via a lead management system that you’ll be able to login to. )


You can invest as much as you want on a monthly basis and Bond Street Mortgage will match your amount.

10% of all “Traffic Spend” will be retained as WCTB’s fee and the rest will go directly to your raw ad spend.


Answer a few questions below and someone from WCTB team will be in touch shortly .

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