Written by 6:29 pm Craig Reviews

Another 5 STAR REVIEW for Craig Andriulli!

Craig and his team at Bonds Mortgage were nothing but amazing! When we shopped around banks they were not very interested and were not responsive sounded like we were speaking with a pre rehearsed speech. But with Craig he made us feel confident with our numbers and loan process. He answered every questions asked and all scenarios presented to him. He texts, emails and responds back very quickly. I ask a lot of questions and the fact that his team and himself laid out all my options was very reassuring. Towards closing the team and Craig emailed me and called me to reassure everything was ok. We were even was able to get a lower rate than what we initially locked right before closing which was amazing news. They definitely made this process very smooth and easy. Very attentive, responsive and full blown made this process so much easier than what was thought. Will highly recommend to any first time buyer and will be back for refinanace.
– Mich loy

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