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Thanks For Requesting A “203k Fixer Upper Mortgage Quote.”

Based on a purchase price of $, you might be able to use the FHA 203k Mortgage program to finance a total of $ (110%) which will leave you with extra $$$ for repairs.

Generally, this program requires a 3.5% down payment, which works out to $ on a $ Property.

You’ll also have additional closing costs associated with the loan which in this example will likely work out to be another $ to $.

Good news is that the FHA 203k program will also allow you to get a seller’s assist of up to 6% of the purchase price, which can help reduce your “money needed to close..”

Please know that these are just rough estimates…

A lot will depend on your income, your credit score, interest rates, and the condition of the property and various other factors.

To get a true sense for whether you can get pre-approved for a mortgage like this, and to learn more about the specifics of a 203k Fixer upper financing scenario, please reply to the email or text message we just sent you.


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