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4 Ways Choosing The Right Mortgage “Advisor” Could Save You Stress and Money

When it comes to getting a mortgage it might seem convenient to go with one of those big companies running all those TV ads, but there are many benefits associated with using a mortgage professional who functions more like an “advisor.”

If you’re currently getting prepared to hit the market and are weighing your options, here are some reasons why a “mortgage advisor” who understands your unique situation will save you money.

A Personalized Approach

When you call a large nationwide lender, or respond to a general online ad, typically what happens is that your information is routed to a “call center” and you’re matched up with the first available rep.

This rep will run you through a standard script then push you through a “one size fits all” processed that’s designed to serve their business needs not yours.

While these companies can often do an efficient job of getting “easy” mortgages done, the reality is that everyone is unique and what works for one borrower might not work for the next.

Here at Bond Street, you’ll be matched with an advisor who has specific experience with the type of mortgage you need for the type of property or scenario you’re pursuing. This means that when you work with us, you’ll likely have a better chance at getting more attractive rates and terms because our advisors will take the time to match you up with the right programs.

Access To Multiple Lenders

We work with many different lenders and mortgage funding sources that work for a wide range of borrowing scenarios.

If our advisors can’t get you the best mortgage deal “in-house” they’ll do their best to match you up with one of our trusted lending partners who might have more attractive terms for you.

This is a big difference, because the junior level mortgage rep at those big company call centers doesn’t have the ability to do this!

Time Is Money

If you need a pre-approval letter fast, or if in the processing of your loan something comes up, you’ll want to be able to access your advisor and get a FAST response.

You will have your Bond Street Advisor’s cell number, and you can text or call them anytime. Same goes for your Real Estate Agent. We understand that in the course of closing on your home, urgent matters will pop up, and we go out of our way to make sure we’re available to you.

A “Can Do” Attitude

Large online mortgage lenders are focused on “economies of scale.” They want to originate as many mortgages as possible, as quickly as possible.

As a result, they’ll often “disapprove” borrowers who don’t fit into the standard “box” that they’re looking for. So you might think you don’t qualify for financing when really your situation requires a bit more time and creativity than that lender is willing to give.

Even if your current credit or employment situation precludes you from being able to qualify today, your Bond Street Mortgage advisor will stick with you for weeks, months, even years to come… working with you to take the necessary steps needed to get you pre-approved and closing on your next home!

If Another Lender Hasn’t Done A Great Job For You, Or You Just Want To Compare Rates…

As you’ve read above working with a true “Mortgage Advisor” is a better alternative to working with one of those big “churn and burn” online lenders.

If you’ve been rejected by one of these companies, or you’re working with another Mortgage company and just want to “shop around” and see if you can get a better rate, feel free to click the link below and request a quick quote from a Bond Street Mortgage Advisor today!

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