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First Time Home Buyer Webinar

Timestamped Table of Contents

1:20 – Why It’s So Important To Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage First
4:25 – Employment Requirements
6:00 – Quick Word For Self-Employed Borrowers
7:30 – Income Requirements & Understanding Debt To Income Ratios
11:00 – Staying in your “Comfort” Zone when it comes to
12:50 – How Good Does Your Credit Need To Be To Buy A House?
18:15 – Documents That You’ll Need To Provide
24:20 – Down Payment Requirements (and special programs you might qualify for)
28:00 – Does it make sense to shop around for a mortgage?
30:15 – Home Searching Hacks (also, check out this article)
41:00 – How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent For You
47:45 – The Negotiation Process, What To Expect
50:45 – Contingencies To Watch Out For Once You Have A Contract
59:00 – How To Get Started Right Now 🙂

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