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If Your Name Starts With The Letter “M” It Might Be A Lot Easier For You To Get A Mortgage Now

In a move that’s surprising many Real Estate & Mortgage industry insiders, Bond Street Mortgage has decided to make it very easy for people with “M” names to get mortgages.

According to James Dipiazza, founder and CEO of Bond Street, “people with “M” names are just much better risks, and therefore shouldn’t be subjected to the same stringent underwriting standards as people who’s names start with other letters.”

“We’ve analyzed years of data” says Dipiazza… “and it’s been proven time and time again that if your name is something like Michelle or Max, you just naturally have a better risk profile, so it makes sense for us to give you an easier “Rubber Stamped” mortgage.

When asked why he thinks “M names make for better Mortgagors” James’s reply was… “Hmm, I don’t know the science, but maybe it’s because Mortgage starts with M?”

Either way, this is great news for people whose parents had the foresight to give them an M name.

Here’s What To Expect If You Have An “M” Name

  • Your Down Payment Requirements might be much lower. Like 0 Down, or James might just pay your down payment for you.
  • Your Interest Rate might be way lower (in fact we might pay you interest to take the loan)
  • None of your employment history or other financials will need to be verified. (Just provide a birth certificate showing your name starts with M and you’re good to go.)
  • You don’t even have to use the mortgage to buy a house. Cars, boats, Jet-Ski’s are ok too…

That’s it. Prove your name starts with an M and you should have an easy time getting a bunch of Mortgage money from Bond Street.

There Is 1 “Catch” Though….

If you’re reading this thinking, “there must be some kind of catch, this can’t be real” then yeah you’re right…

There is one catch.

If you’re name starts with an M you have a good chance of getting approved under this program.

But if your first or last name also contains a vowel you’re “SOL”.

“Rubber Stamp” underwriting isn’t available to folks with sinister vowels in their names

[Happy 4/1 🙂 ]

Start “M-Name” The Application Process Now!

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