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Weekly Update 5/12/17

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Little bit of tech difficulties with Ryan’s camera… we’ll get that fixed next week…


Rates: Holding Pattern. Were kept the same by FED recently.. Maybe a hike in June… Major Tax Reform could Impact… Today = A+ Credit, Ideal Situation you might be at 3.875-4… It’s a GREAT environment.

Products/News: Renovation Programs (FHA 203k, Homestyle Renovation) Increase your “vision” to overcome a lack of inventory and find value. (equity built in) (do this for your clients, they’ll Love You for it! ) Purchase + Repairs can be 636,100 Max . “Streamline” lets you move fast on fixer funding…

Other Stuff?:
BEAST Expansion Mode!

If you know any licensed Loan Originators who want a switch, have them click our Careers page.

Or.. if you’ve thought of getting into the business, feel free to reach out.

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